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How Do Brute Force Password Crackers Work? And how to avoid your password being cracked by a password cracker

Brute force password cracker is one kind of  Password Crackers. Password Crackers is a piece of software that attempts to break into a system by trying many different user names and passwords. To break a password, a Password Cracker uses two methods of attack to break into your account. The first method is Brute Force […]

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Work Factor : Uncovering keys in cryptosystems

Work Factor is defined as the amount of effort (usually measured in units of time) needed to break a cryptosystem. The Work Factor of a cryptosystem is related to its key-length and the working mechanism used (encryption and decryption algorithms). For example, if the brute force attack method is used to break the system (trying […]

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Monoalphabetic Substitution Encryption

To improve Caesar Cipher Encryption, we can assign each alphabet with another one in an non-sequential manner. For example A can be mapped to D while B can be mapped to R, and so are the rest being mapped to a different alphabet. Recall that Caesar Cipher has a key space of 25, Monoalphabetic Substitution […]

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Caesar Cipher – the easiest encryption method you should know

In cryptographic study, we know the simpliest way to conceal the information is by ‘substitution’. You replace the original word/alphabet by another word/alphabetic ‘systematically’. The word ‘systemtically’ have to be in place because you need a way to decrypt the concealed message. In Latin language system, we use a alphabet to replace another one sequentially […]

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