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Physical Security for Power Supply

There are many possible physical security threats associated with electrical power supply. A few examples, and ones you may already be familiar with, include : Blackout:  a complete loss of power. Sag or Brownout:  a decrease in voltage levels, usually of short duration but may last anywhere from fractions of a second to hours. Surge: […]

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Physical Security : Environmental Control

To understand Environmental Physical Control, we need to understand how your HVAC system affects your computing environment. HVAC stands for three words: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Your HVAC system controls various environmental factors that must be monitored to ensure that your computing equipment operates effectively. Temperature: Between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius (70 to […]

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Physical Security – Choosing the right facility

Many factors should be considered when choosing the best facility for hosting computer equipment. Some of these factors include: Local Crime: Is the site a prime area for criminal activities? Natural Hazards: Does the location have a high occurrence of flooding, earthquakes, thunderstorms, or other natural hazards? Power Supply: Is there a stable power supply […]

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Physical Security Threats and Controls

Physical security is the lifeblood of all security controls. If physical security is compromised, all other controls are irrelevant. Why? Think about it. If someone manages to get into your server, physically accessing your computers, he or she can cause serious damage. Some examples of damage possible can include: removing the hard drives from your […]

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