brute force password crackers

brute force password crackers

Brute force password cracker is one kind of  Password Crackers. Password Crackers is a piece of software that attempts to break into a system by trying many different user names and passwords.

To break a password, a Password Cracker uses two methods of attack to break into your account.

The first method is Brute Force Attack. That is the name Brute Force Password Crackers that comes in.  In this type of attack, the software generates passwords of every possible combination of words, letters, or even symbols to try to break into your account. The longer the password, the longer it takes to break into the system. However, since computers are gearing up the speed every year (according to Moore’s law, the computer speed doubles every 18 months), the time to break a password of any certain length reduces 50% every 1.5 years.

The second method is Dictionary Attack. This is a more clever method in which the attacker uses a pool of words such as names, common vocabularies, etc., and tries various combinations of them to crack the system. The pool of effective possible choices to use in the trial and error process is much smaller than in a Brute Force Attack because of the more confined choices of numbers and letters to combine. It is very easy to get a word list. Do a search on Google for the search phrase “word list” to look for many databases available on the web.

Originally, I’d planned to write a summary on tactics you can use to choose passwords that you can easily memorize but at the same time are difficult to be cracked. But then I accidentally stumbled upon a page that has this done nicely. And in the interest of not reinventing the wheel, here is the link to that page:

Enjoy, and if you have other innovative ways to remember difficult passwords, let me know.