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Free Antivirus Vs Full Product Antivirus Programs. Are They Safe To Use?

I have always been interested in trying new software for just about every application you can imagine. I have also always been a big fan of free programs. There are a lot of free programs with varied applications but for now we will focus on only antivirus programs. I have tried them all over the […]

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Escorcher — Adware And Spyware Rolled Into One

I’m going to share an unpleasant experience with you today. I downloaded and installed what I thought was a free antivirus, but turned out to be an adware and spyware program. To make sure we are clear about what I’m talking about I’m going to take a moment and share with you the definitions of […]

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Is Xpassmanager Adware?

Adware is never something that you want on your computer. It often gets confused with cookies. Xpassmanager isn’t a cookie; it’s the worst kind of adware you can get. If someone tells you that adware can be useful, they must be internet marketers. If you think that you have accidentally gotten the Xpassmanager file on […]

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Enconfidence – Beware Of This Adware

I have a tale to share. This is the tale of how I got infected with the enConfidence adware. I saw a free program that I thought would be great, My Daily Horoscope, and paid dearly for it. After I downloaded and installed My Daily Horoscope I found the Begin2Search toolbar was also installed at […]

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