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Polyalphabetic Substitution Encryption

What can be improved so that the the susceptibility to frequency analysis attack problems of alphabetic subsitution methods like Caesar Cipher and Monalphabetic Substituion can be removed? We can use a different set of encryption mapping in the order of each alphabet encryption. Suppose we have the sentence again ATTACK STARTS ON SEVEN TONIGHT We […]

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Frequency Analysis – An attack making use of known language pattern of the plaintext

One information that is truly important when conducting Cryptographic Attack, it is: the nature of the plaintext. Is it a sentence of a particular language? or is it of some software code? If we know the fundamental nature of the plaintext, then our code breaking job could be a bit easier. If it is of […]

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Caesar Cipher – the easiest encryption method you should know

In cryptographic study, we know the simpliest way to conceal the information is by ‘substitution’. You replace the original word/alphabet by another word/alphabetic ‘systematically’. The word ‘systemtically’ have to be in place because you need a way to decrypt the concealed message. In Latin language system, we use a alphabet to replace another one sequentially […]

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