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How to Generate a Digital Certificate for S/MIME (Secure MIME) email Communication

For most S/MIME compatible email clients, you must obtain a PKCS12 format certificate before you can upload your private key and/or others’ public key for secure email communication. The first way you can do this is, of course, to apply such a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), such as VeriSign. But can you […]

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Public Key Infrastructure: Certificate Authority and Its Role in PKI: An Example

Public Key Infrastructure is also named PKI. What is the role of Certificate Authority in PKI? Before we talk on this, let’s discuss the term “trust”. The operation of Public Key Infrastructure strongly depends on “trust”.  And this is also related to the application of asymmetric cryptography technique. To illustrate this, let’s suppose Bob wants […]

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One-way Hash Algorithm – Why and How

One-way Hash Algorithm In cryptographic application such as digital signature, we usually operate on the message with one-way hash algorithm before we apply the sender’s private key on it. Why? It is because one-way hash algorithm can convert the message of whatever length  into a fixed length code (usually of 128 or 196 bits). In […]

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