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Google Hacking and Buffer Overflow Attacks: In the News

Recently I spotted a piece of news about a type of network attack combining techniques we have discussed in recent articles involving Google Hacking and Buffer Overflow Attack . The incident, according to Forbes News1 involves “using Google searches to track down sites vulnerable to so-called ‘SQL injections’.” Essentially, the hackers use Google to hunt […]

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Buffer Overflow: How does it happen?

Buffer Overflow refers to what happens when an area of a program’s code is overwritten with new code using the technique of inputting data longer than the length expected when the program asks for input. This creates an overflow in the program’s buffer system, and causes the program to react negatively − sometimes even resulting […]

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Google hacking – a new hacking technique that threatens the web application security

Google hacking refers to the use of Google as a powerful search engine to uncover websites with security bugs and technical issues. Google, with its crawling engine, searches and indexes the content of websites around the world 24/7.  It essentially captures everything from normal website presentation to websites with technical problems, displaying error messages into […]

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