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How to Use TrueCrypt (USB Data Encryption) on a Computer without Administrative Rights

Referring to my post about TrueCrypt, I mentioned a disadvantage of using this software — you cannot use it on a computer without administrative rights. Actually, there is a third-party GUI interface program that can be run on a computer without administrator rights, and you are still able to access the container file of TrueCrypt […]

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USB Data Encryption and Decryption on a Computer without Administrator Rights?

As I promised in the post about a data encryption utility called TrueCrypt, I am going to show you another utility that can be used to encrypt portable data on a USB drive. Unlike TrueCrypt, in which you must have administrative rights to activate the program for accessing the encrypted data, this program allows you […]

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How to Keep your Portable Data from Being Stolen

Do you worry about your data from being stolen if you lost your USB thumb drive or other portable data storage? Here is a free solution. Try TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is an open sourced project providing a simple solution to encrypt your USB data (or actually data in any other movable or internal storage of your […]

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