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Network Security: Firewalls

What is the purpose of a Firewall? Firewalls are absolutely vital for keeping network security in force. The firewall stops and controls the traffic that comes between your network and the different sites you go to. A firewall is a constituent of a company’s network protection, and it acts to keep in force the network […]

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Why Firewall Security Is Necessary To Protect Your Network

In your car, the firewall sits between the engine compartment and the front seat and is built to keep you from being burned by the heat of the combustion process. Your computer has a firewall, too, for much the same reason – to keep you and your data from being burned by hackers and thieves […]

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Are Two Firewalls Better than One?

Screened Subnet Architecture andFirewalls A firewall’s function is to act as a gatekeeper, keeping Internet “bad guys” out of your internal network. Setting up an effective firewall requires careful planning. In my view, the Screened Subnet Architecture is a preferred network setup for firewalls to protect your company’s network while at the same time allowing […]

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Firewall cannot deal with internal network attack

Firewall is a perimeter security device. A perimeter security device is only good at protecting the internal network from external attack. That means if an intrusion originates from internal network, then firewall cannot deal with it. Statistics shows that most of the network attacks of an organization comes from internal employee and hence most likely […]

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Firewall – the device implementing your Internet Access Policy

Firewall cannot operate properly without careful configuration. It is actually a device that help realize your company (or home)’s Internet Access Policy. Who decides the Internet Access Policy? The information owner! Many people mistaken this to be done by the company’s system administrator. It is wrong. The administrator’s role is to help implementing the firewall […]

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