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Enconfidence – Beware Of This Adware

I have a tale to share. This is the tale of how I got infected with the enConfidence adware. I saw a free program that I thought would be great, My Daily Horoscope, and paid dearly for it. After I downloaded and installed My Daily Horoscope I found the Begin2Search toolbar was also installed at […]

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Using Fport to Check for Trojan Horses

This article will tell you about a simple way to check whether your computer system has a trojan horse (spyware) implemented. A trojan horse or spyware operates by running on your computer and opening a communication port (TCP port) to communicate with the remote hacker, so he or she can “spy” on your computer. The […]

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Trojan Horse – What is it?

What does the name Trojan Horse imply in way of network security, and what threats do Trojan Horses bring to a network computing system? First let’s look at history to understand the name “Trojan Horse.” The Trojan War, as you may already know, is the ancient war between the Greeks and the city of Troy […]

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