Many factors should be considered when choosing the best facility for hosting computer equipment. Some of these factors include:

  • Local Crime: Is the site a prime area for criminal activities?
  • Natural Hazards: Does the location have a high occurrence of flooding, earthquakes, thunderstorms, or other natural hazards?
  • Power Supply: Is there a stable power supply for your computing facilities?
  • Access: Is the locations easily accessible, for personnel, suppliers, and others needed to access to the location?
  • Existing boundary protection: Is the location secure?Security controls such as fencing, adequate lighting, and detection systems, including motion sensor and video surveillance systems, need to be in place. The detection system must be equipped with a reactive system preventing (or at least delay the progress of) intrusion of any trespassers. This can be accomplished with nuisance alarms as well as prearranged response forces, such as the local police or hired security guards.
  • Nature of Facility:  Is the facility shared with other tenants?It is critically important that the condition of sharing with co-tenants will not undermine the level of security. Strong security measures need to be in force.

In addition to facility management, we should also consider other factors of physical security. But choosing the right facility in the first place is the foundation for all other physical security controls to be enforced effectively.