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Re-Conceptualizing Security

Yesterday morning, I managed to find some time to attend the 9th INFOSECURITY CONFERENCE in Hong Kong. One of the keynote speakers was Bruce Schneier, a security guru and founder and CTO of BT Counterpane – an information Security firm offering managed security services. Bruce, the author of several best-selling books on the subject, presented […]

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Anti Spam Filtering Using Gmail

Anti Spam Filtering using Gmail? Why? I have been using Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail for very long time. My general feeling is that the super-powerful anti spam filtering capability of Gmail is unprecedented. It can eliminate almost 98% of spam emails while at the same time maintaining an almost zero error rate of filtering […]

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Information Risk Management : The Core Concept of Information Security Management

In today’s environment, Risk Management is considered a core management issue in modern corporate governance. We have been discussing this concept in several areas of finance. Now, we are considering the subject as it pertains to the area of Information Security (IS). This is an important consideration since, in the past thirty years, IS systems […]

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Availability – the countermeasures of it could be costly

Availability is a complete different concern from Confidentiality and Integrity. It focuses on the data’s availability when a user needs it. Its aim is easy to understand but the measures to achieve availability could be very costly. Since the September 11th attack, organizations tend to pay more effort and investment in maintaining the continuation of […]

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Confidentiality – the very first element of information security

When people talk about information security or computer security, they usually refer to Confidentiality. In deed, the origin of information security comes from the need of this in military and polictical area. Countries worry about their confidential information leaks to emeny countries. That threatens their security and standing positions in the World. If you are […]

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