Don’t overlook your employees’ rejection of your security policies. Without their understanding and acceptance, your company’s information security is at stake.

Here is a very good article why we should and how we can enforce security policies in a corporate environment:

As we have discussed before in this blog, the point is that you need to let employees know why there are security policies and how the policies are benefiting them. And let them know the consequences of violating the policies.

CISCO has recently released a study that shows many employees do not follow Security Policies in the work environment. The reason is that they think the policy is not fair to them, and that the policy is not aligned with the reality of their daily work activities.

In the article, it states:
“The study found that the majority of employees believe their companies’ IT security policies are unfair. Indeed, surveyed employees said the top reason for non-compliance is the belief that policies do not align with the reality of what they need to do their jobs, according to Cisco”.

This reconfirms that the human factor in Information Security is still the primary issue we need to deal with in our day-to-day security management.

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